Life & Learning

Like writing about sci-fi or emerging tech? It might just land you a job at Samsung, Visa, Ford, Pepsi, or NATO where they value people who predict the future. Who said learning wasn’t profitable?

Sometimes, the best way to learn something is to think about it and explain it to yourself.

Health & Fitness

Adrian Beltre became the 31st person to pass the 3,000 hit mark. Good poke, bud.

Money & Investing

B of A created an AI-powered bot for reaching customers through a new channel. Have a look at how it was built. Tech is eating the world, but now outsourcing finds a stronghold in a strange, new land. This time, the US of A?

Discovery Communications is buying Scripps Interactive for a massive $14.6B for their attempt to unseat Netflix in the OTT wars. The new combined properties cross male and female now with HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel.

Amazon goes all the way up:

Stories & Entertainment

In the craziest news of the week, Atomic Blonde came in at 4th at the Box Office, beaten by the Emoji Movie. You’re kidding me. Luckily, at least Nolan’s Dunkirk was #1 with $28M earned over the weekend.

All seems pretty paltry for summer blockbuster times. To put that into perspective, Spiderman’s already past $650M globally after only a few weeks in theaters. View the entire chart.

Science & Makers

Biohacking sounds like some strange future. The reality is we’ve been doing it for years with pacemakers. But what about one of our senses? Now you can implant some tech in your ear, connect to your iPhone and stream music, phone calls or anything else you want to hear. We can’t quite call it a wearable, maybe an in-able?

Society & Culture

277 pounds of marijuana was discovered on rail cars transporting new Ford vehicles across state lines. Can you imagine the surprised face on that employee?

Sometimes, you just need to play Baccarat, even if it means the bill is a cool $10 million.

Air & Space

Summers are getting hotter. It’s scientific fact.

Politics & Collaboration

The amount of fertile land in Africa is shrinking due to a number of factors from climate change to rising wealth of a growing population. The New York Times reports on what that may mean.

Tech & Startups

Jack Clark of OpenAI is looking for a PhD student for a survey project on AI safety. Email him if interested. Speaking of chips, Samsung just passed Intelas the world’s largest maker of them. Strange days, indeed.

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