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Tech & Startups

On a live stream from his backyard, Zuckerberg got a question from a viewer about the dangers of AI. In Zuckerberg response, he called Elon Musk’s warnings against AI “pretty irresponsible”.

Elon Musk quickly addressed this in a tweet:

There is only one way to settle this…

Life & Learning

Hot off the press:

How Tragedy Fueled The Manhattan Project

About two brothers separated by space, time, and a war. –Read the historical fiction story here

10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives

We got up-close-and-personal with a genius for five years. Here are 12 things we learned. –Read the full story here if you missed it!

Want a good entry point into ICOs and crypto startups?

This is the place to start: a cryptocurrency market map chart plus a 7-part thesis for investing in ICOs.

Health & Fitness

If kids don’t get enough sleep, their telomeres shrink…

“Children who do not get adequate sleep have 1.5% shorter telomeres for each hour less that they sleep per night. Telomeres are caps at the end of chromosomes that protect DNA from damage but they get shorter every year and thus are a biomarker for aging.

Many environmental factors have been shown to either accelerate or slow telomere shortening. Lack of sleep has been shown to accelerate telomere shortening in several studies in adults but this is the first study looking at telomere length in children.

According to the author of this study, the current recommendation is for such children to get between 9 and 11 hours of sleep.” –Rhonda Patrick, Link

When you eat Omega 3 fats, your body naturally produces Cannabinoids (also found in marijuana)

Cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory chemical compounds that are showing promise in preventing and curing cancer.

A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows that they’re also produced naturally in our bodies after we consume omega-3 fatty acids. –Link

Does pregnancy help make you fit?

A recent study showed that women who maintain exercise during and after pregnancy experience a 7.3% increase in VO2max. The study ultimately suggests that pregnancy may improve exercise performance. –Link

Money & Investing

Here in California…

There’s a small time Gold Rush happening in Northern California. Here is some solid life wisdom from one of the prospectors on the frontline, Bob Van Camp, AKA “Digger Bob”:

“People who are smart don’t advertise what they’ve found. If you’re finding nuggets in an area, you don’t tell anyone about it; I’ve made that mistake before.” –Link

Meanwhile overseas…

Cash held by U.S. nonfinancial companies overseas has reached an all time high of $1.3 trillion dollars. The top five technology companies who hold cash overseas are:

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Cisco Systems Inc. and Oracle Corp. –WSJ Link

So why should any of these companies bring their money back if a large percentage of it will be taken instantly by the government?

Allowing tech companies to repatriate and invest money back home will be one of the major challenges of the next decade.

All of these tech giants were started with shoestring budgets, and they’ve proven their ability to take $1 and turn it into $100. You’d think a Nation State that is in as much debt as the U.S. would do the math and say… hmm… if we work out terms for them to invest that $1.3 trillion here… we could completely wipe out the deficit in a few decades! Hopefully brighter minds prevail and this happens.

Stories & Entertainment

Dunkirk is amazing.

Nolan shot it in 70mm film (for iMAX), and makes a compelling case why it’s actually cheaper and better than digital.

We love the fact that Nolan made a challenging war film that doesn’t mindlessly glorify it.

From an interview in Little White Lies:

LWL: Are there moral questions when it comes to depicting historical reality, especially in reference to war?

Nolan: Setting out to tell a true story during wartime was very daunting. I have not fought in a war. Frankly, it’s my worst nightmare to do so. And I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who have been put in that position. I had to approach Dunkirk not as a war film, but as a survival story. That was the only way I felt confident in my ability to be able to address the material. The emphasis of the film is very much on individual, physical, geographical dilemmas. It’s about that moment of trying to survive against all the odds. I also didn’t want to speak of any one real individual’s experience. That would not have felt appropriate. I wanted to give an audience who had never encountered these events a representative experience of Dunkirk without claiming to speak for any real individuals. –Link

Science & Technology

That’s a lot of bugs

In an effort to combat the billions of mosquitoes being blown into Florida from storms, one of Google’s companies, Verily, is releasing 20 million mosquitoes that were created in the lab… –Link

I’m all about engineering our way around problems, but I hope somebody at Verily understands the argument behind the Precautionary Principle.

Society & Culture

Are we becoming a nation of prudes?

A social survey discovered that American adults are having sex around nine times less per year than they did in the 1990s. — The Archive of Sexual Behavior –Link

Meet the people trying to turn Harry Potter into a religious movement

Hundreds pack DC hall to discuss podcast exploring Harry Potter as a sacred text. –Washington Post

Are we living in a new dark ages?

From WKMG, a local news station in Orlando…

“Police said a group of teens recorded the dying moments of a 32-year-old man last week, mocking, cursing and laughing as the man drowned in a pond.

The minute-long video, which police called “extremely disturbing,” found its way to social media and appears to depict the unidentified teens, ages 14 to 16, off-camera, laughing as the man screamed for help before going under in the murky water.” –Link

Meanwhile in California, a driver was live streaming themselves singing. The driver lost control of the vehicle, and got into a wreck, that killed their sister (a passenger). In the final moments of their sisters life, instead of trying to stop the bleeding, or wave down help… The wanna be diva immediately re-started their live stream in what appears to be an attempt to get attention or appear tough. –Link

We’ve inherited immense technological wealth, and are standing on the shoulders of geniuses… It looks like new technologies have made living so easy that people are no longer required to learn or improve themselves. Educating and civilizing people has become the first world’s number one challenge.

Air & Space

The moon is starting to look good again…

The battle for the moon begins, and Musk says that first passengers on SpaceX rockets must be “brave”. –Bloomberg

Politics & Collaboration

Top General Warns the US Senate about Killer Robots

“The second highest-ranking general in the U.S. military on Tuesday warned lawmakers against equipping the military with autonomous weapons systems that humans could lose control of and advocated for keeping the “ethical rules of war” in place.

In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Gen. Paul Selva responded to a question from Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) about a Defense Department directive that requires a human operator to be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to taking lives with autonomous weapons systems.

Selva warned lawmakers that the military should keep “the ethical rules of war in place lest we unleash on humanity a set of robots that we don’t know how to control.” –The Hill, Link

It might be a good idea for SOMEBODY in congress to take him seriously, but instead the Army is moving forward on Building Autonomous Drone Swarms…

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