95 Ways “Education” Hurts Students

The story begins on Halloween, 500 years ago, in a small town in Germany.

The man looked over the parchment in front of him and shuddered. If anyone found what he had written down, he could be killed.

And now, he was about to post the listicle he wrote for everyone to read. He was posting his death warrant.

In his world, one tyrannical institution controlled human behavior and thoughts… the Roman Catholic Church. A single utterance against that institution could end one’s career… and even one’s life.

The man was a professor and local priest named Martin Luther. He had painstakingly studied the Roman Catholic Church. Now, he stared at a list of ninety-five mistakes that the Church was committing. The contradictions had become unbearable, and he couldn’t stop himself from writing them. But would he go through with sharing them? If the Church leaders understood just a handful of his critiques, he could be burnt at the stake.

A fall breeze whipped through the monk’s room, and he said a prayer. Then, before he could stop himself, he rolled up the parchment and began walking into the town square.

It was early morning and the town was quiet. He reached the entry of the Church, and Martin Luther fixed his 95 Theses to the doors. His life was about to change forever.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. –Martin Luther

It is now time for another reformation. The 95 points that follow are designed to identify the problems with one of the most powerful institutions in our modern world…. The public K-12 and Higher Education system.

I’m a fan of reformation, not revolutions. Revolutions are typically childish, whereas reformations can respect all the sacrifices that came before. Through reform, we respect the institutions or technologies that we’re seeking to improve. Reform means we don’t take the sacrifices our ancestors made to get us here for granted.

There are still many things about the entire Education system that are useful. There are many things about it that are worth preserving. But there are a growing number of things and contradictions that have become too much to bear. Those have to be addressed, and we must help the children, parents, and teachers suffering under a broken system.

Let’s take a look at one of the most true things about Education, the field of Anthropology. Anthropologists define a “religion” as a set of rituals and trainings around establishing a certain set of behaviors. Humans always gravitate towards some type of “religion” (even it’s a personal or tribal one) for stability in a chaotic world. Many times a person’s “religion” isn’t dictated by a Church, it’s just the collection of all their habits and thoughts that they consciously and unconsciously mimic and repeat.

Our public Education system trains children in various types of behaviors and thought patterns.

The Jesuits were a creepy bunch, and one of their sayings was, “give me a child for seven years and they’re mine for life.”

That is a disturbing recognition of the power that indoctrination and religious type rituals hold in our lives. Most people recognize that it’s terrifying and weird when the Jesuits would say something like that!

But then they see no problem when our public Education system indoctrinates children into a set of rituals that were designed to create factory workers and soldiers for war. What you’re trained or indoctrinated to do for the first 12 or 16 years of your life strongly influences all of your future behavior and available choices.

The end result of the behaviors taught inside Education are generally people who are often miserable, anxious, and trapped in bodies with minds they’ve never been taught to use, optimize, enjoy, or master… My heart goes out to them. This must not continue.

If we look at Education’s founding, we can confirm that crushing the imagination and human potential is its expressed purpose.

If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development. –Aristotle

Horace Mann started the United States education system after he was inspired by the Prussian and German model of Education. That model of Education was created by a German “philosopher” named Johann Gottlieb Fichte. To put it simply and bluntly, this guy was a pig. He hated Jews and women, and wanted to design an Education system to enslave women and the Jewish people living in Germany. He was disgusting, and yet he was the “inspiration” for the beginning of American Education.

The Church that Martin Luther rebelled against told us that we are trapped between the Devil and God.

The modern Church of Education and Science have shown us that we’re trapped between extinction and evolution.

In reality, we’re trapped with the power to control our imaginations, actions, and behaviors to create new realities. Humans posses the power for both horrible evils, and incredible virtues. It is up to us to first reform ourselves, and then imagine and collaborate with others for the highest good of all concerned.

Right now, there is no central goal or purpose for what we call “Education” or self-directed learning, and I’d like to propose a central purpose for Education.

The central purpose of education, learning, and collaboration should be to mediate voluntary evolution. In it’s current state, what we call education is leading humanity towards extinction.

The 95 points that follow are designed to spark a reformation, and you can help reform Education by joining the debate, sharing this story, and spreading this message.

  1. The greatest sin of Education is that it has no “why” or purpose. Ask any teacher, educator, or person in charge of the Education system what the purpose is, what the system is producing, or what they are providing to children who spend over two decades inside their programs. You will not receive a rational ideal or objective analysis of what the system is actually doing or where it is headed.
  2. Humans learn through imitation, yet strong leaders, or virtuous and heroic role models, are rarely presented to students inside Education. Students aren’t taught about values or noble character traits like those of: courage, creativity, selflessness, and individuality (while at the same time taking small personal risks for the sake of their community).
  3. Education is the place where students are trained to practice banding together as a mob and scapegoat, isolate, or persecute any individuals who are different, or try to become unique.
  4. If you’re buying something that doesn’t have public reviews or ratings, and you can’t find testimonials from those who purchased or used the product, you’re probably being scammed. This is the state of most colleges and higher education. Try to find reviews or clear end results that you can expect if you purchase such an expensive product. You won’t find them.
  5. Studies show that the more Education you have, the fewer kids you’re likely to have. Education is where misanthropy and the training to remove yourself from the gene pool begins.
  6. Prisoners get more sunlight and exercise than students. Those in the penal system get an average of 2 hours outdoors. Education provides students 30 minutes. Sunlight and play is vital to biological health, mitochondrial function, and sleep.
  7. If students rebel against being forced into behaviors (like sitting all day) that will damage their health and shorten their lifespan, they’re forced into taking pharmaceutical drugs that are proven to permanently alter and hurt their brains. History repeats itself, and every society without philosophy, or morals, will construct sacrificial altars for their youth.
  8. Education trains children to feel guilty for simply existing. The Catholic Church used original sin to push people towards more peaceful and prosperous behaviors. Education created its own original sin that indoctrinates children with guilt and shame for: their ancestral history, slavery, race relations, national origins, poverty, consumption, their impact on the earth, and an ever-changing climate. Instead of teaching students how to safely fix and address all those things, Education trains students to only feel guilt and shame. Let’s drop original sin, fix ourselves, and then work to fix and heal our local communities.
  9. Education doesn’t teach history or practical life lessons. This makes it easy for large corporations to manipulate students. The only history that is allowed to trickle down to schoolchildren is in the confines of government approved books, created by the lowest bidding government contractor. Meanwhile, each individual’s life is a singular mystery. Without learning history, you’ll never be able to solve your mystery.
  10. Churches use “God” to give individuals a way to morally assess and critique their actions to better serve themselves and society. Education has created their attempt at a “God” software program, but it is riddled with bugs and viruses. Education’s God program scans for original thoughts. If an original thought does emerge, the student feels a mental disturbance or guilt.
  11. Education fails to acknowledge the sacrifices our ancestors made to create modern civilization. Our ancestors were responsible for moving the human race forward, and enduring hellish trials and traumas: hunted by predators or other humans, cataclysmic geological events, mass human migrations, plagues, diseases, and defeating tyrannical governments. They paid the price so that we may continue living. Rarely in Education are these sacrifices and stories made known, or properly respected.
  12. Education teaches no emotional vocabulary to children, which prevents them from fully exploring and articulating what they are feeling.
  13. Education uses gender to divide students and begins the construction of a wall between future spouses and lovers. It’s frowned upon to explore or embrace femininity and masculinity, and instead “sameness” is championed. Women aren’t taught about how powerful they truly are, while men are portrayed as predators, toxic, and uncivilized.
  14. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but humans are hardwired to addict to everything: caffeine, attention, television, love, learning, etc. Propensity to addictive behaviors is the strongest indication of an ability to learn quickly. And learning to love learning is one of the only safe addictions to develop.
  15. Teaching, defining, and warning students about the evil people and forces in the world has been expunged from education. This trains students to never make a moral judgement about anything. Education doesn’t teach students that the failed ideological mind viruses of fascism, national socialism, and communism killed hundreds of million people in the twentieth century. Moreover, students never hear the full extent of just how evil these mind viruses are, instead they are presented (especially in higher education) as one option for government. Teaching the truth and defining what is evil is the only way to escape the evil possibilities of all governments.
  16. Education trains students to cede all power to experts. Either your mind and body are a laboratory where you are the sole arbiter, or you buy into what Education and science say that your experiences don’t matter.
  17. Many students in K-12 and College are depressed and report contemplating suicide. If the system was working, spending more time inside it wouldn’t increase your risk of depression, anxiety, or destructive thoughts.
  18. The revered Food Pyramid is a result of scientists and governments deciding to test unsafe diets on children. Promoted by Education, abnormal quantities of grains are included in the diet and are directly related to heart disease, brain problems, and obesity.
  19. Education forces children to practice sitting for over six hours a day for two or more decades. Research has shown that sitting too much is worse than smoking.
  20. Government-controlled Education is the system that most often causes, perpetuates, and worships war. It was created by Prussians who wanted more soldiers and factory workers. Erich Remarque is a historian who proves that WWI was made possible by crazed German schoolmasters. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, another historian, warned that German education was going to lead to WWII. After he spoke up, he was executed by Hitler. Education in the way it’s currently being implemented is creating the conditions for WWIII. The danger is that we live amongst many who have grown up so deeply in comfort, that to them, wars are one more type of entertainment to watch. These individuals have been trained by decades of Hollywood warnography. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, Hollywood has also trained many to hate movies with only two parts… people crave a trilogy.
  21. Education is like a forced, timeshare sales pitch for college. Becoming financially self-sufficient, earning money, inventing things to sell, collaborating, finding meaningful work, or learning new skills is absent. After crippling students’ ability to make or generate money, teachers, professors, and parents sell the idea that a college degree will help students get everything they want in life. Marketing, selling, and pushing massively expensive degrees onto children who are forced to be in school isn’t ethical.
  22. Bankruptcy laws for student loans were written by the same people that govern the regulations that accredits higher institutions. It is impossible to get rid of student loans through bankruptcy. Education condones and aids the disgusting practice of selling minors incredibly expensive degrees that will stunt their minds and limit their earning potential.
  23. Freedom of speech is only useful if you’re taught how to speak. Education has promoted decades of listening to ineffective speakers. Without the opportunity to practice speaking, students are ill-prepared for the world and unable to challenge the very foundation that controls their destiny.
  24. Education promotes an unconscious hatred of reading, and an inability to seek out the best books and authors. Ask any student, of any age, what they’ve been reading lately. It will be a short conversation. The best books that created the western ideal of the individual, morality, America, and all the wealth and technology around us, are rarely presented to students.
  25. Education installs an unconscious hatred of writing. Two decades of being trained as a circus animal to perform writing about things the student doesn’t care about, from teachers who don’t want to read it, is enough to keep most individuals from ever exploring writing on their own.
  26. If you can’t write, you’ll be exploitable. Writing clarifies your thinking, allows you to articulate and explain yourself to others, and allows us to work together to build things we could not alone. No writing exercises in Education are practice for writing in the real world. None are designed to help an individual get to know themselves, or to construct an argument.
  27. Education is child abuse for the best, and child protection for the rest. This is the reality of our current situation and points to the massive challenge that education must confront and work to solve. There are great teachers inside the system who face the demoralizing prospect that plenty of the parents of their students reverse all of their efforts. The reverse is true as well, there are great parents who have all their work erased by sending their kids to school. One answer is smaller, localized schools where parents and teachers get to know each other.
  28. Grades are a way to measure how good students are at being coerced. The practice of training students to care and focus on “grades” is imperative for the future of the educational industrial complexes. Grades were started as an ideal to foster healthy competition, but in their current form, they only measure coercion. Grades measure how much students will compete, fight, and isolate themselves from peers for trivial rewards. This is training to commit spiritual suicide.
  29. Practical and applied philosophy is not taught, or condoned, by Education. Studies show that simply teaching children practical, applied philosophy helps people learn to make better daily choices and leads to better life outcomes.
  30. Too many teachers and professors appear to have a chip on their shoulder. Entire generations of boys and girls are taught by certain teachers who are bitter, angry, confused, and no longer interested in improving themselves. To confirm this, simply ask the best teachers you know what their colleagues are like. The best teachers inside education shoulder the burden of all those who are bitter and lazy.
  31. Anytime a child, or young adult, might decide to explore the miracle that they exist and can develop free will, become more free, or achieve great success in life, Education’s original sin program begins to run in their brain. The afflicted begins to self-censor and resurrect guilt for existing.
  32. Education trains you to share everything about yourself to those who do not have your best interest at heart. Putting minors inside a system that monitors their behavior and then sells that behavior to colleges and corporations is unethical. Your data is yours to give away as you see fit.
  33. Most people are coerced by others to enter Education, and they are not free to leave on their own to pursue a better or more voluntary path. They develop the habit to procrastinate on anything they choose to do voluntarily. This causes an intense hatred of self and deep confusion that paralyzes most of the educated for their entire life.
  34. In education, too many teachers and professors do not have happy, healthy, and mutually uplifting relationships with real friends, spouses, or lovers. Like in the example of health, those who can’t maintain a relationship, or at least demonstrate an expertise in life that they inspire students, should never be the ones teaching impressionable minds.
  35. Studies show that male and female teachers harbor biases against students of the opposite sex. The best men should teach boys how to be men. The best women should teach girls how to be women. Research shows this is how humans learn best. Education has, by its practices, become anti-scientific. Both sexes are halted from exploring all the nuances, differences, and abilities that make them so wonderful.
  36. Education afflicts an extended infantilization and crippling of human agency. Biologists have a term for this in mammals called neoteny. The more you study anthropological and historical processes, the more obvious it becomes that Education is designed to produce emotional and psychological children who can be exploited and herded.
  37. The people who created large portions of the education system in the late 19th and early 20th century were obsessed with eugenics. These educated people wrote articles praising Germany, the USSR, and China. What they praised killed hundreds of millions of people during this time — and those same people kept right on teaching.
  38. The scientists from the countries like Nazi Germany who practiced sickening experiments and abuse on their citizens were given asylum in the U.S. after WWII. They began teaching and influencing other scientists after they arrived here.
  39. Students are trained to not speak unless an authority figure allows them to speak. Then, they are trained to not speak unless they have an entire room of judgemental peers listening. This is a recipe to train people to always be afraid to speak publicly, and always be on the lookout to censor brave individuals who dare speak up without permission of an authority figure, or in the absence of judgemental peers.
  40. Evolutionary biology shows us that 99.9% of all species go extinct. In order to survive and evolve, we must fight like hell and develop the mindset that we’ll try something 1000 times in order to get one successful answer. Nature and biological evolution show us just how unfair the evolutionary game is, and rather than cowering from it, we need to embrace and master it. Instead of the goal of getting a 100% on tests, we need to create tests which are so challenging that getting just .1% of them correct is the right mindset to hold. That’s how hard the curriculum should be, because those are the numbers that mirror the horror of our biological, natural, and evolutionary pressures in the world.
  41. Fears of plagiarism prevent students from learning how to cobble together original ideas from what already exists. New creations and combinations are discouraged. Student are trained to associate any attempts at this with the pain of being punished, or losing their salvation (being kicked out of college). We can’t get to original thoughts and writing without first saying what’s already been said. We can’t say what’s already been said if we’re terrified of “plagiarism”.
  42. Education installs a fear of collaborating with peers.This happens by creating extreme punishments and fears around copying and cheating. Students are taught that any attempts to work or even talk with peers about tasks, tests, or homework might result in punishment and being removed from the educational conveyor belt.
  43. Each field of study presented by Education is a path towards individual marginalization and, specialization. Anything and anyone that emerges that requires the existing priests to think too much, that doesn’t give them something they can take credit for, or doesn’t lead them to a government grant, is immediately singled out, isolated, and cut off from formal debate.
  44. The only sports you can be taught or practice inside Education are government subsidized sports. Students have no way of trying out many individual sports, emerging sports, or activities, like dance and gymnastics, that would lead them to master their bodies.
  45. Education forces students to practice being silent, instead of practicing effective speaking. Freedom of speech is only useful if you’re taught how to speak, reason, and listen in a useful manner. After practicing more silence than speaking, students are cast out into the world where they can’t effectively speak.
  46. Education is the place where students are prevented from ever learning how to protect and defend themselves. Those who are bullied inside the walls of Education are prevented from learning how to protect and defend themselves. Education’s rule of, “no matter who started it, both are in trouble” is designed to create sheep who run to the Shepherd to protect them.
  47. Students are 100x more likely to be sexually assaulted inside of Education than in the Catholic Church. Media reports tell you the Catholic Church will hurt your kids, by they’re most likely to be attacked inside of Education.
  48. Education forces students to read useless textbooks for two decades. Students associate reading with entrenched psychological coercion and weakness. This is the indoctrination grounds that trains students to only read the recommended books from the Church of Education that promotes a path to a higher institution.
  49. Education doesn’t train students on how to assess and make good life choices. Freedom of true choice is suppressed so that children remain children. Education will only ask about a person’s preferences (grades, sports, and other activities) when it comes to selecting one of the many same colleges, thus giving an illusion of choice.
  50. Education advocates students take ADHD medication or SSRI’s before appropriately instructing students about nutrition, psychology, and fitness. Pharmaceuticals are helpful with some mental challenges, but training to have a healthy microbiome, mind, and body is much safer than overly relying on pills with warning labels a mile long.
  51. Instead of promoting self reliance, self respect, and intelligent self defense, Education trains students that anybody who defends themselves from a bully is just as guilty as the bully. This ensures the student populace will never even attempt to protect themselves in the real world. This paves the way for depression and self hatred later in life.
  52. Most American adults are committed to increasing and having more Education for one simple, terrifying reason. The increase of their current consumption habits and lifestyle cannot happen without masses of children to push into “lucrative” careers. The young students future earnings are sold as debt offerings to foreign banks and governments. Developed societies are obsessed with “Education” because without it their consumption habits and earnings could never increase.
  53. Children are naturally curious and love learning. They love philosophy when it is presented. They love to create. But having every decision critiqued at home and at school, will crush that curiosity.
  54. Some educators are obsessed with technology as a panacea to all problems. They only want what is the newest and best technology. Meanwhile they fail to explore the fact that many of these technologies are created by technologists who literally worship Artificial Intelligence as something that will take over humans and create a new species.
  55. The separation of church and state means that the government should not establish a Church as an institution that regulates or seeks to control behavior. Government Education was created to controls a person’s behavior for the first two decades of a person’s life, and with massive debt even longer.
  56. Education doesn’t teach life skills like: nutrition, health, fitness, friendship, relationships, psychology, philosophy, or making money.
  57. K-12 schools don’t have access to open information, the internet, or books outside of a narrow band of approved materials and filtered websites.
  58. Education is predicated on a misunderstanding and corruption of Darwin’s work. It’s not the most fit or “strongest” species that survive. It’s the cleverest, most collaborative, and most symbiotic species that survive and evolve.
  59. Teacher unions fight to isolate teachers from exploring how powerful they would be without the unions. They ensure Educators do less work, and as a result, the students suffer. The same unionized teachers worshipped Steve Jobs, yet have no idea that he wanted to dissolve teachers unions in order to better serve students. Without teachers unions, the best teachers and educators would earn a multiple of what they currently make, and be free to create their own small, Montessori style schools.
  60. Sharing is the first thing taught to little children to ensure students can be stolen from later in life. Being forced to give up something that you are using simply because someone else wants it, teaches two terrible lessons: 1) I can get what I want by throwing a tantrum, and 2) Someone more powerful can take what I thought was mine to play with or use and give it away. We first have to learn how to appropriately value ourselves and our things before we can share intelligently.
  61. If students were taught about money, they would begin to value themselves and their time, and would have no need for those who want to steal both from them.
  62. Education installs the mind virus of fundamentalism — the erroneous notion that there is only right and wrong, or the correct way and the incorrect way. If you believe something under this toxic ideology, you are precluded from believing the opposite. In the complicated world of real life choices, there are typically many answers that are useful, and many answers that are more correct than others. There are always more than two sides to any debate and more than two ways to solve any problem.
  63. Education promotes warnography — the glorified and superficial presentation of war. The best example that has recently swept through Education without useful discussion was The Hunger Games. The messages of The Hunger Games aren’t discussed inside Education. Instead, students just learn superficial facts about every war, and then see war glorified throughout movies at home.
  64. Education teaches about rights before it teaches responsibilities. It teaches about self esteem and overconfidence before it teaches how to appropriately value select character traits or how respect is earned. This helps divide students from building any meaningful connection with their parents. Students infected by these ideas go around organizing and demanding things from others their entire life.
  65. Education prevents students from being free to work and earn money in the real world. Without money and the experience of interacting with adults in a way that creates value, students are helpless.
  66. When making the college decision, students do not have access to look at the results of what colleges are producing, such as placement results, average graduation times, or salaries of their recent grads.
  67. Prerequisites are an idea that paralyzes students. You’re free to begin learning anything you want! Prerequisites prevent students from recognizing the provisional patterns of life and information that will best serve them. In order to create, we must become masters of pattern recognition and making decisions that best serve us and others with incomplete information. The idea of prerequisites has gone too far and now leads to endless loops of indecision, stagnation, and self destruction.
  68. It is a complete myth that ‘elite’ colleges or schools are able to identify and select the “best” individuals. These institutions exist to train students for academia, consulting, banking, government, or roles inside large corporations with close ties to the government. The most commonly received grade at elite colleges is an “A”. If what elite schools and colleges provided was valuable, they would sell that offering to as many people as possible.
  69. Elite higher education institutions have many business units inside their institutions. The largest business unit inside many universities is their endowment, which is a hedge fund. Elite universities operate a small, education related business unit called “College”, so that their largest business units (their endowment and hedge fund) gets tax exempt status for all of their other business units. If it was only this easy for every business to setup a College within their business, so they could avoid paying taxes on their most profitable business units.
  70. STEM and STEAM are good ideas, but have suffered from a decade of horrible execution. Students will be happier and healthier if they know how to learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. People who create and implement STEM don’t understand how science, technology, engineering, and math are used to create value in the real world.
  71. We have educators and parents who think it’s a good idea to force children into picking a single career, and then getting on a track towards that career where the costs to switch are enormous. Many of the careers that educators and parents are pushing students towards will not exist when the students arrive. Instead, students must learn several marketable skills, and how to layer and combine those skills to avoid becoming replaced by technologies or commoditized labor.
  72. America is the first country in the history of the world to explore the idea of allowing their citizens to become wise by choosing how to educate themselves and their children, but most Americans don’t value this opportunity.
  73. Many of the students who have done the best inside our current K-12 and higher education system have “succeed” by society’s standards. They have become rich, but often they’ve become rich through employing what they learned in education: competition, stealing, and building up a subconscious anger at being imprisoned inside Education and coerced by adults. These maladjusted individuals then project that rage on society.
  74. Education has become a fundamentalist religion. In casual conversations, individuals are coerced to advertise if and how they’ve been saved — where they have gone to school, or what college they attended. You are supposed to broadcast and advertise for the accredited government institution where you paid a lot of money to receive what could arguably be called a worthless piece of paper. This is similar to the Catholic Church’s practice of selling indulgences 500 years ago.
  75. If you’ve already invested your time in a school and college but were unhappy with your purchase, treat it like any other product you buy that is horrible! You can ask for your money back, leave a critical review, or stop advertising your degree to the rest of the world.
  76. Education has no way to define or create a useful definition of intelligence. One simple example is that the ability to write a funny caption for three cartoons was shown to be more effective at predicting life success than SAT scores. The most important part of what society and education calls, “intelligence” is imagination. As currently inflicted, education teaches children to neglect and destroy their imaginations.
  77. Threatening to institutions, their friends, and even their families, those with imagination are treated as oddities, and quickly taught that bringing forth good, or new ideas is the quickest way to make everyone hate you. Those with heightened levels of imagination are intimidating because they aren’t a few times smarter than those without it, but they are hundreds of times smarter. Silicon Valley is the first area where it’s accepted that certain engineers are 100x better than others. In the field of imagination, these magnitudes of skill might be just as pronounced.
  78. There are ways to measure imagination, but K-12 and colleges cannot employ them without destroying themselves. Those with the highest levels of imagination are often those who are forced to the edges of society, or find themselves alone because they’ve never been taught how to harness their imagination without being targeted by the mob who is accustomed to scapegoating those with the highest levels of imagination. The only institutions who are doing interesting work in measuring imagination and courage are venture capital firms and a handful of technology companies (most of which are VC backed).
  79. Evolutionary biology, history, and anthropology show us that small groups of a species that are isolated evolve the fastest. In fact, they are the only groups of species that continue to evolve. K-12 and college are committed to the pursuit of standardizing and connecting everything. Many nation states in the world are currently copying the American education system. What our education system (and now theirs) are really optimizing is the end of speciation.
  80. Most of the great technological discoveries and companies emerge outside of Education, by individuals and small teams that have been allowed to explore speciation and new habits. Education meanwhile tries to take credit for many inventions that were created in spite of, not because of, school.
  81. Those who stay inside Academia are at risk to become a threat to humanity. Many academics and researchers are now looking for extraterrestrial life by pinging our location out to the entire universe. It’s like we’re literally sending out cold emails asking to pick the brains of random aliens. That’s a bad idea in the business world and it’s an even worse idea in the intergalactic world. Do these researchers know about the dark forest problem, and if not, how can they not understand the untold risk they are exposing us to on the chance that there is hostile life in the universe!?
  82. Education controls the habits and thoughts of people for the first two decades of their lives. A teaching of science is that the entire universe exploded from matter the size of a pinhead for no reason, and the entire universe will end in a heat death. Is science so lost that it thinks there is no reason or meaning for anything?
  83. Science teaches that the only phenomena to value are those that can be continuously produced in a controlled, large group environment. Science also thinks that the time, place, and the observers of experiments have absolutely no bearing on their results.
  84. Science teaches that experiments with an N of 1 can’t be trusted, yet each of us are running an experiment with an N of 1 — our lives.
  85. Higher education is the process where individuals commit to a path that ensures they specialize in one thing. They become helpless in every other area of their life and are forced to try and work with other “Educated” types who have been crippled in different ways.
  86. Many parents are so overly reliant on technology and teachers to raise their children that they sabotage any learning educators might be able to impart. Ask any teacher or educator if most parents take a proactive role in their child’s learning and the answer is no. They expect teachers and school to produce a miracle while they ignore their children.
  87. The answer to the education problem lies in the emergence of a new kind of family, valuable friendships, and employment at a company that is like a high performing sports team with a mission. Leaving your children with strangers all day who cannot tell you what they are providing your students isn’t a good plan. Throughout history, extended families have lived close together and formed shared goals to help support child rearing and accomplishments. Education is not capable to be a substitute of an improved family structure.
  88. The last and worst “ism” that society is too afraid to examine is childism, or the prejudice in thought, words, and deeds against children. Adults typically treat children as receptacles for their negative emotions, and use them as bargaining chips whose future can be mortgaged for consumption in the present. At the worst, adults band together to sacrifice children in ritual contests called war.
  89. Not everyone should go to college, but everyone should learn how to learn. Students are lead to believe in pre-school years and throughout high school and college that the path to being educated is only achievable through College. Trade schools, coding bootcamps, and the military are viewed as silly pursuits for the “losers” of education. Meanwhile, these are some of the last places where students can get direct experience and learning in the real world outside of a classroom.
  90. Those who have been most successful in the real world are often those who publicly say they would never send their children to public school. Many parents look up to these role models in business and technology, yet fail to hear the part about how and why they dropped out of school, or how they wouldn’t send their children to public school.
  91. When you’re properly using your mind and intelligence, they continually make you aware of how little you know. This is a feeling to be savored, instead of avoided.
  92. Humans are complex biological systems, and like every other biological system that came before, we only thrive and evolve at the edge of chaos.
  93. Everything we see around us is nature that has survived or evolved through endless cycles of post-traumatic growth. That means real “learning” is the result of stress and shocks followed by adequate recovery.
  94. Information isn’t wisdom. The path to teaching students to become wise will come through encouraging direct experience and challenges in the real world. This can only happen through leadership by healthy and happy leaders (also known as teachers).
  95. Only when we simulate and introduce the right amount of adversity, at the right time, with the right amount of recovery will our outdated ideas about “Education” become reformed into a more voluntary form of self directed learning. Only after that does humanity have a chance to evolve and escape extinction.

So now the ball is in your court. What is wrong with Education? What do you agree or disagree with? Feedback is welcome, and feel free to leave any comments.

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