Marketing Trends, 11/7/17

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“We’re going to make the simple things simple and the hard things possible.” — Parker Harris, CTO, Salesforce

News that Matters

It’s Dreamforce Week! Over 100,000 Trailblazers have descended on San Francisco to learn how to make customers happier. We will bring you a few of the best tidbits and news straight from the sunny Bay Area at the premier event of the year. For those of us hanging out in the ol’ G-Suite, BIG news as they announced that Google and Salesforce are partnering. Twice as many clouds. Twice the lightning.

In Marc Benioff’s keynote yesterday he announced the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution. “The fourth industrial revolution starts with one very important point and that is trust.” — @Benioff. You can watch the entire keynote here.

Lessons Learned

“Creating a culture of innovation is a never-ending journey, not a destination. — @CindygRobbins, Chief People Officer, Salesforce”

Original Content, Series, and Shows

21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney. –CNBC

Vimeo’s CEO Anjali Sud recently aquired and is positioning Vimeo to dominate the future of video. At a recent Fast Company Innovation Festival, Sud split the crowd into breakout groups. Their focus?

Figure out the future of video storytelling. Their premises?

  • The average human will one day create two hours of video per day.
  • Video in the future will be 3D and fully immersive.
  • Phones and VR/HR headsets will become invisible.
  • The creative process will be democratized by artificial intelligence.

–Fast Company


Perhaps the best storyteller in the biz, Marc Benioff’s Dreamforce keynote speech had already undergone 86 changes as of his Fortune interview in mid-August. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Marketing Q&A

Q: When should I use a double opt-in for my newsletter? — Jamie (Walnut Creek, CA)

A: Topical question Jamie! The great people at MailChimp recently rolled out a change that most email lists are single opt-in now. You can check out an article detailing the differences here. In my humble opinion, it depends what kind of list you want to build. Single opt-in allows you to grow your list bigger, faster. The downside is that you might get a little lower quality signups (spambots/etc).


Shout out to Bleacher Report’s new CRO/CMO Howard Mittman for calling his shot:

“Pre-roll is not the future of online advertising. It’s clear why pre-roll is attractive to advertisers. They can amortize the cost of a campaign they did for broadcast, chop it up and push it out on social. That doesn’t mean it’s the best consumer or brand experience or most effective way to drive KPIs.”

Preach on, Howard! I can assure you, when I watch a 3 minute puppy video with 30 seconds of pre-roll, I do not feel a strong sense to buy whatever product is in front of me. You can read the whole article in AdExchanger.

Also, if you haven’t checked out Bleacher Report’s “Game of Zones”, it is an incredible cross-pop culture mashup. I wish there was an episode every week.


Our friends at Athos are hiring! Specifically, they’re looking to hire a marketer with a background, expertise, and obsession with sports. If you’re interested, email me with your resume for an introduction.

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