Marketing Trends, 11/08/17

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Deadlines are vitamins for creativity. — Seth Godin

News that Matters

The good people at Adobe predict that this online holiday shopping season will surpass the $100 Billion mark.

Adobe Digital Insights annual “Holiday Predictions” report, which focuses on the U.S. and relies on data from thousands of websites, millions of transactions, and trillions of website visits, predicts an online holiday shopping season over $100 billion for the first time. covers the highlights of this report, including:

1. The 2017 Holiday Season will break $100 billion

2. Consumers will be on the hunt this season for a bargain

3. Large retailers will command the majority of spending online

4. More than half of all online visits will come from mobile devices

5. Nostalgia will play a role in hot toys this year

Giselle Abramovich does a fantastic job detailing the entire report here.

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History of Marketing Channels from 1836–2006

Here is a sweet infographic courtesy of Tiffani Bova on Twitter:

Lessons Learned

“Winning CMOs today market the category, by framing a problem, not just marketing a solution” — Christopher Lochhead

If you haven’t read Play Bigger, I highly recommend you go buy it.

And then take 12 minutes and listen to Legends & Losers Ep60. Christopher Lochhead discusses Category Design and what it takes to be a Category King. Listen here.

Original Content, Series, and Shows

I listened to the extended cut of the interview with Reed Hastings on Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman. There are many great tidbits, but this one I thought was particularly interesting:

Content discovery is a very social phenomenon. Social media accelerates word-of-mouth, but it doesn’t change the dynamic that you want to talk about content with your friends — Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix

You can check out the uncut interview here.


Watch “How to Tell a Story” TED talk here.

Marketing Q&A

Q: What is branded content? — Aaron G. (Charlotte, NC)

A: Thanks for the question Aaron! I’ll bring in my good buddy to answer this one:

Content is the deliberate creation of art where the ultimate goal is to entertain those who watch it. Branded Content is no different. The addition of the word “Branded” simply means that the cost of its creation and distribution has been underwritten by a brand as a gift to its fans. — Matt Helbig, Chief Creative Officer


Congrats to Loop & Tie and Sara Rodell for winning the Dreamforce 2017 Dreampitch and getting an investment from Salesforce Ventures!


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