The 25 Best Gifts to Increase your Productivity

The #1 thing and gift that you can do for productivity, that nobody will tell you…

Ready for it?

Get better sleep.

That’s why this giftsicle of our favorite 25 gifts to increase your productivity is brought to you by Leesa.

The team behind the award winning Leesa mattress, beds, and pillows are mission-driven, just like us, and they give back. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they give one to someone in need. For those who are trying to rebuild their lives, the gift of a better night’s sleep is a game changer. Thanks to Leesa for helping in this pursuit, and for supporting independent media like The Mission!

Gifts to keep your body healthy

A healthy body is necessary for a healthy, productive mind.

1. A Leesa Mattress Will Help You Get Better Sleep

Our favorite way to get better sleep happens because of the original (and still the best) mattress in the online mattress world… Leesa. Michael Phelps (you know, the guy who won 23 gold medals) trusts Leesa mattress to get his Z’s on, and so do we. Fans of The Mission can use promo code MISSION, all December long to get $100 off a Leesa mattress!

2. Use Soothe to Have a Massage Delivered to Your Door

A focused mind requires a relaxed body. Release stress, anxiety, and muscle tension with an in-home massage by Soothe. They offer various massage types, including deep tissue, sports, and Swedish. For those of you that just can’t seem to get away from work, they even have an in-office massage option! This is a great gift to help your partner, coworker, or BFF get much needed relaxation.

3. Experience the Luxury of Equinox Fitness Clubs

Keep on top of your physical health by joining an Equinox Fitness club. Aside from having stunning facilities, they offer unrivaled fitness classes, luxurious spas, and rigorous personal training.

4. Enjoy the Health Benefits of Green Tea with Kirkland Green Tea Matcha

Green tea matcha can improve brain function, boost your metabolism, and fortify your immune system. But don’t grab just any green tea matcha, try Kirkland’s delicious blend.

5. Increase your NAD+ with Basis by Elysium Health

Basis is a supplement that is based on more than 25 years of aging research. Basis supports cellular health by increasing and sustaining levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that’s required for essential biological processes, including energy creation, DNA maintenance, and regulating circadian rhythms. Our supply of NAD+ declines as we age and those functions break down. Basis is a perfect gift for anyone trying to get healthier.

6. Keep The Phone Out of the Bedroom, Get a Sunrise Alarm Clock

Your phone shouldn’t be the last thing you look at before you go to bed or the first thing you look at when you wake up. Get an alarm clock and keep that thing out of the bedroom. We recommend the Sunrise Alarm Clock. Fall asleep to rain, ocean waves, or your choice of ambient noise, and wake up by a gentle, sunlight-like glow.

Gifts to keep you organized

Productivity is impossible without systems in place. Here are some tools to keep your work, mind, and team organized.

7. Use Slack to Keep Business Communications All in One Place

Give your office (and yourself) the gift of clear communication. Easily keep track of your team and your work with Slack. Plans starts for free :D

8. Take and Share Notes Anywhere with Evernote

Whether for personal or business use, Evernote’s got you covered. Use the app to take notes, share files, bookmark websites, and organize your projects.

9. Like Writing By Hand? Check out Markings Notebooks by C.R. Gibson.

For a stocking stuffer that helps with productivity and focus, the Markings notebooks are the best. They’re priced competitively, well made, and the larger sizes are ready for those who love to do lists and planning. Highly recommended.

10. Pilot Pens Make Writing Fun

These pens make writing a joy. They work every time, and make it easier to put your ideas immediately to paper.

11. Keep Your Work Safe and Secure with Box

Sleep well at night knowing all your business or important documents are protected in the cloud.

12. Use the Scrivener App to Finish That First Draft

Consolidate and organize all your writing ideas in one place. A perfect gift for an aspiring or experienced writer.

Gifts to keep you working comfortably

How you sit and stand matters a lot. If you’re comfortable, and doing it in smart way, you’ll become more productive.

13. Combat Bad Posture with SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Treat your body right by investing in this ergonomic kneeling chair. Fight off bad posture, strengthen your core, and cure back pain.

14. Save Your Back with Hag Capisco Ergonomic chairs

Fun fact: These chairs are how Joe Rogan and his guests stay comfortable for 3 hour conversations.

15. Put Your Body First with The AltWork desk

Work the way you want to work with this adjustable, all-in-one workspace. It offers four key positions that keep your body feeling great while your mind is hard at work.

16. Wear Gunnars and Protect Those Peepers

We’re big fans of GUNNAR over at The Mission. Their team is awesome, and we’ve even published a story about all the problems presented by digital eye strain and how to protect your peepers! Gunnar is still offering fans of The Mission 20% off all gear when you use the code, “MISSION17” at checkout. Staring at digital devices all day will destroy your eyesight. If you’re like us and work behind the faint blue glow of laptops, computers, and phones, we strongly recommend buying or gifting some Gunnars this Holiday season.

Gifts to save you time

Your time is your most valuable resource. Don’t waste it.

17. Cut Your Time at the Grocery Store, use HelloFresh

Perfectly portioned, healthy meals direct to your home. It’s like your own personal sous-chef. All the fun of cooking without any of the chopping, shopping and prep work. Another great thing about HelloFresh is that the recipes are perfect to reuse and share with your friends and family.

18. Use Greensbury Market and Have Organic Meat Delivered to Your Door

Greensbury Market is our pick for healthy American raised organic meat and wild seafood. Their farms and farmers practice sustainability, and everything they use is organic. Shipments arrive in a few days (must be in the continental US) and can be stored in the freezer for an entire year.

19. Spice Up Your Down Time with Audible

When you have down time, it’s easy to opt for entertainment. It’s a bit more challenging to go the edutainment route, but the payoffs are worth it. Audible is our favorite subscription for learning.

20. Get Faster Internet with the TP-Link Router

If you don’t have 5G speeds with your home WiFi, then it might be time to upgrade your router. Same goes for whomever you’re giving the gift to. The content we want to download or stream is getting bigger, and the connectivity is getting faster, but if all you’ve got is a legacy router, you’re not going to be able to participate in 4K Netflix.

Gifts to help you focus

Getting focused and into a productive flow can feel impossible at times. Here are some things that’ll help.

21. Work in Peace with Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Say goodbye to noises from the busy street, buzzing office, or obnoxious neighbors with Sony’s noise cancelling headphones.

22. Learn About Deep Work

Learn how to focus without distraction by reading Deep Work by Cal Newport. The perfect book for your ambitious friend or colleague.

23. Get in Your Flow with Spotify

Listening to music or ambient noise while working can increase your productivity and supercharge your focus. Spotify’s premium or family plans offers you unlimited access to millions of songs and pre-made playlists.

24. Drink Four Sigmatic Coffee to Increase Your Energy

The team at Four Sigmatic have unlocked the secret to one of nature’s superfoods. It’s a natural source of energy, immunity, and longevity that’s been studied for centuries. Increase your focus and energy by trying out this unique coffee blend.

25. Set Your Intentions for the Day by Meditating with Headspace

Meditation helps you focus on the present, increases your self-awareness, and reduces negative emotions. Take just 10 minutes a day to clear your head and find your focus with a Headspace subscription.

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