The Best, 12/19

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.” –Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hot off the Press:

Christmas Gift Ideas: 365 of the Best Gifts from $10 to $1000+ — Still need some Christmas gift inspiration? We’ve got you covered. From toys to Teslas, there’s a little something for everybody in this ULTIMATE gift guide.

Fiatsplaining Bitcoin — “Bitcoin is in a weird position where the dollar-denominated price just keeps going up. And because the price keeps going up, HODLers are reluctant to spend. And if no one is spending bitcoin, how can it become a currency?… Bitcoin, for all its features, has one fatal flaw: We can’t spend our way to imperial prosperity.”

Christmas story of the day: The Cricket on the Hearth: A Fairy Tale of Home — Part 4



“Matter is plastic in the face of Mind.” –Philip K. Dick


ICYMI: A new trailer for Ready Player One just dropped

There might be hope for Sci-Fi novel to movie translations after all… Natalie Portman stars in the upcoming Annihilation

And don’t forget to check out HBO’s David Bowie: The Last Five Years


Christmas Songs Playlist on Spotify

Eating & Drinking

We’re not playing around. If you like eggnog and meatballs… these are where it’s at:

Keto Eggnog

And… trigger warning…

Holiday Meatballs

An SNL Christmas Classic


The 10×10 practice is still our favorite Holiday tradition! Pick 10 people who have positively impacted your life this year, now write 10 reasons you’re grateful or have enjoyed their company. Deliver with a smile. This simple act is more impactful than most gifts ever will be.

Spotlights & Opportunities

Our friends at Leesa are hiring! Leesa has quietly positioned themselves to become the #1 online ecommerce mattress company. Did you know that only~8% of all mattress sales happen online? We had no idea, but if you’re interested in joining a company that has a great culture, sells amazing products, and is a B Corp… we’d love to connect you!

Have a job opening? Send it in!


Q: What’s the best question to ask around the extended family for the Holidays?

A: Nothing. Just consume large amounts of alcohol. Relaaaax… that was a joke! 😀 We’re partial to the, “So what was the best thing that happened to you this year?” Or “What’s the most exciting thing you did this year?” Try your best to direct the conversations to the other person’s happiest moment or time they felt most alive that year. If that doesn’t work, try more Keto eggnog…

Marketing Trends

AR Billboards, Nike Builds Digital Courts and Marketing Quick Hits. Plus insights from Kaaren Whitney-Vernon — With the holidays upon us, everyone is busier than usual. That’s why today’s episode of Marketing Trends focuses on Marketing Quick Hits. Take just a few minutes to stay on top of all the latest marketing news!

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