Marketing Trends 12/19/17

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” –Seth Godin

We’ve been blown away. In the 2–3 weeks that we’ve launched Marketing Trends, we’ve earned readers that include: C-level executives from some of the world’s largest companies, world-class marketers, influencers, and practitioners at tech and traditional companies. We’ve been blown away by the response and will keep working hard to make Marketing Trends amazing.

You spoke up and we listened. People are loving the “Quick Hits” portion of Marketing Trends. And with the holidays coming up, and everyone being swamped, we’re sticking to our quick hits this week.

Marketing Quick Hits


The Mission Studios!

I know, I know, we’re hogging all the spotlight. But we’re happy to help promote your work, campaign, or project here. Give me a shout and we’ll do a feature.

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Here is an expert from our very own Matt Helbig’s interview with Kaaren Whitney-Vernon. They discuss Shaftesbury’s latest series entitled Upstairs Amy in partnership with Walmart Canada:


You told AdWeek “The series was built on the Walmart and Interac brand values and attributes from the ground up.” So which came first, the client or the script?


Definitely the client comes first. We do a deep dive looking at researching from our client as well as research around the target market we are creating content for. For Upstairs Amy, the brand wanted to reach millennial moms and so the first thing we learned about young moms was that nowadays more of them are moving into (more affordable) condos rather than a seeking a suburban lifestyle. So this information became the basis for where the series is set.

…Read the rest: Talking Branded Content with Kaaren Whitney-Vernon


Our friends at Leesa are hiring! Leesa has quietly positioned themselves to become the #1 online ecommerce mattress company. Did you know that only~8% of all mattress sales happen online? We had no idea, but if you’re interested in joining a company that has a great culture, sells amazing products, and is a B Corp… we’d love to connect you!

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